The Skublox Integration with Skustack allows you to use the Bin-to-Light order-sorting method and empowers warehouse workers to pick order items while simultaneously sorting them onto a mobile cart, all while validating every action through the Skustack application

The process is simple – select a picklist to work on, find and scan the required product, and the corresponding location on the cart rack will light up guiding you to the right sorting spot. Once all order items are picked and sorted correctly, the slot light turns green and the order is ready to be packed.

This feature also allows multiple users to simultaneously connect to the same wall and work on the same picklist.

To use the Bin-to-Light process, your warehouse has to be bin-enabled

Manage Bin-to-Light Walls

Following the initial wall creation, you can view and manage your Bin-to-Light walls in the Bin-to-Light section within the Skublox Hub:

  1. Navigate to the Skublox Hub portal at (replace “xx” with your team name) or open the Skublox Hub app.
  2. Enter your login credentials.
  3. Select Walls and choose the wall you want to view.
    1. Active and ready-to-use walls have a distinct green dot indicator.
    2. A flashing red dot next to the wall’s name indicates recent activity.

  4. Click on a wall’s name to access the related options. Here you can:
    • Adjust the brightness of the slots.
    • Refresh all slot lights remotely.
    • Run light tests on the slots.
    • Restart the Skublox Controller App.
    • Turn off the Skublox Controller App.

  5. To disconnect a sorter from a wall, click on the user and select Disconnect.

Manage Slots

When you open a Bin-to Light wall and click on a slot, you can view and manage specific slot information:

  • Click on a SKU to open the product in the Skustack Admin.
  • Click on an Order # to view the order’s details in the Skustack Admin.
  • Click Flash slot to help an employee locate the slot on the wall.
  • Click Cancel pending scan to cancel the pending scan.
  • Empty the slot by clicking Empty slot (requires security PIN).

Manage Cables

If you wish to view the hardware connectivity between the wall slots, click Actions > Show cabling.

To change cabling configurations:

  1. Click Actions > Edit.
  2. Configure Wall segment shape.
  3. Select a Cabling flow direction from the dropdown. You can preview the wall configuration on the right.
  4. Click Edit wall, to save your changes.

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