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The Skublox Controller app helps you monitor and control various aspects of your sorting walls, such as configuring sorting criteria, tracking sorting operations, managing workflows, and analyzing data. It is specifically designed to provide you with an overview of your entire sorting process and is typically installed on a dedicated Skublox Controller PC, which acts as the primary interface for interacting with the sorting walls.

Download Skublox Controller App

  1. Navigate to, or click here to initiate a direct download of the Skublox Controller app.
  2. On your Controller PC, locate the folder with the downloaded file.
  3. Right-click the downloaded ZIP file > Extract All.
  4. Click Extract. You will be redirected to a new folder with the extracted files.
  5. Run the Skublox.Controller.App.Installer-FirstTime-Admin.exe file.
  6. If the Skublox Controller device drivers are not installed, you will be prompted to open the driver installer. The Skublox Hub device driver must be installed in order to proceed.
  7. After the installation is complete, click OK to resume the Skublox Controller App installation.
  8. The Start Skublox with Windows box is checked by default. Uncheck if needed and click Install.
  9. Wait for the installation to complete. The Skublox Controller app will start automatically.

Log in

After successfully installing the Skublox Controller app, follow the steps below to log in and configure your first sorting wall:

  1. Enter your TeamEmail, and Password > Next.
  2. You can quickly EditDelete, or Add a wall after the initial login. Or, click Cancel and add your wall later in the Settings tab.

Check for Updates

  1. In the Skublox Controller app, click Check for Update.
  2. Select Download Now.
  3. Choose a folder to download the ZIP file. After the download completes, a folder with the extracted files will automatically open.
  4. Run the Skublox.Controller.App.Installer-Update-CurrentUser file.
  5. Click Run to start the update.

For more information about controller settings, refer to this article.

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