• Bin-to-Light

    The Skublox Integration with Skustack allows you to use the Bin-to-Light order-sorting method and empowers warehouse workers to pick order items while simultaneously sorting them onto a mobile cart, all while validating every action through the Skustack application.

  • Download Skublox Hub App

    Skublox Hub is a powerful tool designed to enhance your order sorting workflow by providing real-time tracking capabilities from any location. The app allows for a complete bird’s eye view of your sorting operations and lets you use real-time data to gain a comprehensive overview of your team’s performance.

  • Skublox Hub Preferences

    You can adjust your Skublox sorting and fulfillment processes by enabling or disabling specific Skublox preferences.

  • Put-to-Light

    In contrast to the Bin-to-Light workflow, Put to Light is a method used in order sorting processes where items are brought to a designated location after being picked, and sorted into individual customer orders on a stationary Skublox wall. There are two sides to the Skublox system – the sorting side and the shipping side.

  • Create a new wall in Skublox Hub

    Your initial setup includes the creation of your own customized light wall. Whether you need a small or large wall, you can tailor it to suit your specific requirements.

  • Generate Login QR codes in the Skublox Hub

    With the help of a QR code, you can log into various mobile Skublox applications without the need to manually enter your credentials every time. You can conveniently generate login QR codes in the Skublox Hub for yourself or any other users of the application, making it easier to handle tasks related to user authentication and access control.

  • Welcome to Skublox

    Skublox is specifically designed to simplify your entire sorting and fulfillment workflow! Our integrated bin-to-light and put-to-light technology will help you reduce errors and boost efficiency in your order fulfillment processes.

  • Order Sorting workflows

    Skublox’s Put-to-Light and Pick-to-Light workflows are two different order sorting methods that can be used in your day-to-day sorting operations. While both processes are designed to help improve order sorting efficiency, they have distinct characteristics and applications.