Simplified sorting and optimized fulfillment

Streamlined picking, sorting, and shipping for scalable efficiency.

Meet Skublox — Sellercloud’s latest addition to your order fulfillment workflow. Skublox is key to eliminating sorting and shipping errors.

How Skublox works

The Put-to-Light, Pick-to-Light technology your online business needs.

Sorter Side
Shipper Side

Get set up in no time

How to Setup Skublox in 30 Seconds.

Connected Technology

Utilize our additional devices to simplify order fulfillment processes.

Mobile printer

Our integrated pick-to-light and put-to-light technology will reduce errors and boost efficiency in your order fulfillment workflow

Skustack app

Use your Skustack device to scan products and track them throughout the warehouse. Easily gather order items via picklists created in Sellercloud.

Skustack gunExpand the capabilities of the mobile computer with Skustack’s Trigger Handle. Scan products with the push of a button to keep tabs on all your inventory.

Easy and customizable installation

Set up your Skublox system and start your optimized workflow.

Connect your Skublox devices

Simply connect your Skublox hub to the controller PC to begin the installation process.

Add PC to your local network

Connect your controller PC to the network and log into Skublox with your Sellercloud credentials.

Set up lights for your customized wall

The Skublox customizable light wall is a daisy-chained system powered with PoE. You can easily expand your wall to accommodate the size of your operation.

Take advantage of your new fulfillment system

Your team can now start sorting orders with more efficiency than ever before.



We love simple pricing.

$250 starter kit
(includes support for 25 sorting wall slots and first month of service)

Additional sorting wall slots are billed at $10/month per sorting wall slot and have no upfront hardware cost.

Contact our team to calculate the number of sorting wall slots you need to accommodate your order volume. You can easily add more slots to meet increasing demand as your business grows.

Frequently Asked Questions

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