Eliminate sorting and fulfillment mistakes completely

Invest in automation of your warehouse and tools. Save time and boost the productivity of your team with 99.9% accuracy when sorting orders.
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How Skublox works

The advanced Put to Light, Pick to Light technology guarantees you error-free orders.

Get set up in no time

How to Setup Skublox in 30 Seconds.

Easy to install and customize

Set up your Skublox system and improve your order fulfillment processes.
  • Connect your Skublox devices

    Simply connect your Skublox hub to the controller PC to begin the installation process.

  • Add PC to your local network

    Connect your controller PC to the network and log into Skublox with your Sellercloud credentials.

  • Set up lights for your customized wall

    The Skublox customizable light wall is a daisy-chained system powered with PoE.

  • Take advantage of your new fulfillment system

    Your team can now start sorting orders with more efficiency than ever before.

Receive to light

Discover how you can move items directly from receiving to shipping.
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Hub for operations overview

Track your order sorting operations in real-time from anywhere.

Real-time stats

Get detailed sorting diagnostics and generate reports on your team’s activity.

Performance insights

Track the number of orders and units sorted by each individual on your fulfillment team in real-time.

Traceability when you need it

Oversee each order and monitor everyone who takes part in the sorting process for better traceability in case of an error.

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Our ecosystem

Join our e-commerce ecosystem and boost the performance of your entire operation.
  • The ultimate solution for your e-commerce business

    Manage all your product listings and orders across 120 retail channels with our integrated e-commerce operating system.

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  • Bring order to your inventory

    Always know what you have and where you have it with our WMS. Receive purchase orders, adjust inventory, cycle count and more…

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  • Simplified sorting and optimized fulfillment

    Sort order items using our put-to-light and pick-to-light technology. Simplify boxing and preparing your orders for shipment.

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  • All your shipping needs in one place

    When orders are ready for shipment, utilize our robust shipping software to manage and ship orders out to customers.

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Connected technology

The Skublox app is available on any platform and any device, allowing you to install the app even on your personal Android or iPhone and scan barcodes.

Virtual Skublox
for hardware-free sorting

If you prefer to avoid hardware and cables, you can still use Skublox sorting. With Virtual Skublox, you can transform any warehouse space into a sorting wall.

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Ever since we’ve started using the virtual walls, we’ve had no order mistakes
Caleb VaduvaSpicy Products
Recently we added Skublox, which allows us to pick our inventory as we’re walking around the warehouse, which has been a huge game changer for us.
Don McClintockTrekline Motorsports
With Skublox, there’s no room for a mistake. It does all the work.
Ezra AvidanAdir Group
For companies out there that are looking for a solution that’s going to assist them with their multi-line orders, Skublox is definitely going to change the way you process your orders.
Yossi KbabiehS3 Holding
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Skublox is Officially Patented

We’re happy to share with you that Skublox's sort to light and pick to light is officially patented by the United States Patent Office.
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Trust the numbers


increase in fulfillment efficiency


orders sorted


items sorted


saved by eliminating errors
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