Picklist Options


Skublox lets you sort items with or without a picklist:

  • Sorting without a picklist – Sort products based on all fulfillable orders in your account.
  • Sorting with a picklist – Sort items by specific groups of pre-selected, such as rush orders, orders by product, or destination

Choose a Picklist option

To select a picklist option when sorting:

  1. Open the Sorter app and select a Wall.
  2. Choose either Without picklist or With picklist.
Skublox only loads picklists that are marked as Open.

Recent picklists

  1. Select sorting With picklist.
  2. Select Recent. The latest picklists will be displayed at the top.

Specific picklist

  1. Select sorting With picklist.
  2. Select Specific.
  3. Enter the Picklist ID.

Switch Picklists

When you choose to scan With picklist, you have the ability to switch between picklist IDs directly from the scanning page:

  1. Select sorting With picklist.
  2. Open a picklist.
  3. Click on the Picklist # to switch as needed.

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