SkubloxPick and Sort Solution

Get it all sorted

Error free pick and put to light system

Make your team’s job fun

Skublox gives you an easier, more efficient way to sort orders.

Boost efficiency and eliminate errors

Use the Skublox Sorter app to speed up workflow and make your team’s job easier.

Gain traceability with powerful visualization

With the Skublox Hub app your Management team can oversee the fulfillment process in real-time.

Build your custom wall

Create your own tailor-made Skublox wall and start sorting within minutes.


With Skublox, there’s no room for a mistake. It does all the work.
Ezra AvidanAdir Group
For companies out there that are looking for a solution that’s going to assist them with their multi-line orders, Skublox is definitely going to change the way you process your orders.
Yossi KbabiehSaadia Group
Skublox helped us be more efficient, save money and get things out much quicker.
Jack AvidanAdir Group
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