Install the Skublox wall

Install the Skublox wall

The Skublox wall is easy to install and requires no special skills or tools.

In this article, you will find all the necessary steps you need to take to properly install your Skublox wall from start to finish. You will learn how to configure the Skublox wall, connect the lights, and properly disconnect the wall when needed. Keep in mind that the installation process is always the same regardless of the wall size.

Skublox wall components

In addition to Skublox’ software applications, Sellercloud provides you with all the hardware equipment, and instructions needed to easily install the Skublox wall. Our Skublox Installation Guide will take you through the initial wall configuration process. This guide includes a description of all hardware components and simple step-by-step instructions on how to connect them. It also includes information on performing a power-on self-test and describes common installation issues and recommended solutions.

The Skublox wall package contains the following parts:

A Sorter Light is attached to each slot. It has three connectors: Out, Shipper, and In.

One Sorter Light is required for each slot.

Shipper light frontBack of Sorter light
A Shipper Light is attached to each slot to indicate when an order is ready for shipping. It has only one Shipper connector.

One Shipper Light is required for each slot.

Shipper light frontBack of Shipper Light
Mounting Clips are used to stick the Sorter and Shipper Lights into the slots. Mounting clips for Shipper and Sorter lights
Repeater (also known as a Power Injector) is used to increase the voltage and provide a stable electricity connection.

Note: The Repeater only works in one direction.

Front side of RepeaterBack side of Repeater
Hub device is connected to the Controller PC and the first 20 Sorter and Shipper Lights. Front side of Hub DeviceBack side of Hub Device
Short Ethernet cable is used to connect the Sorter and Shipper Lights. One UTP cable is required for each slot. UTP cable 0.5
Ethernet cable is used to connect the Hub device and the Previous (P) part of the first Sorter Light. The Long Ethernet cable is used to connect the Next (N) and Previous (P) parts of the Sorter Lights. One UTP cable is required for each slot. Back of Sorter light
Power Supply is used to provide electric power to the lights.

One Power Supply is required for every 20 lights.

Power Supply
USB A-B cable is used to connect the Hub Device with the Controller PC. USB A-B cable
The Controller PC is used to run the Skublox Controller App.

Only one Controller PC is required, no matter the number of slots you have.

Controller PC

Skublox wall package

The Skublox wall package does not include an LCD display, keyboard, or mouse kit.

The starter kit contains part quantities for 25 slots. Quantities vary based on the kit you have purchased.

  • 25 – Sorter Lights
  • 25 – Shipper Lights
  • 50 – Mounting Clips
  • 1 – Repeaters
  • 1 – Hub Device
  • 50 – UTP cables – 2 feet (0.5 m)
  • 50 – UTP cables – 5 feet (1.5 m)
  • 2 – Power Supplies
  • 1 – USB A-B cable
  • 1 – Controller PC

Mount the lights to your wall

There are different ways to connect the lights: using velcro, zip ties, mounting brackets, and much more. Below we have listed two possible options to mount them on your wall.

  1. Take a strip of double velcro tape ( e.g. 3M 1” x 3” 2X Dual Lock). Stick one part of the tape to the top of the box and the other to the Skublox light.
    Note: Velcro can be attached to the upper rear of the light, above the ethernet ports.
  2. Press the Skublox light to the top of the box and stick the two parts of the velcro together.
  3. Your Skublox light is now securely mounted to the top of the box.Skublox Velcro
  1. Take the mounting bracket and the screws (DIN 968 – 2002 Cross Recessed Pan Head Tapping Screws With Collar – ST 2.9 mm. x 13 mm). Align the bracket and draw the holes with a pencil if needed, drill holes, and add the fixings.
  2. Fasten the screws through the bracket.
  3. Attach the Skublox light.
  4. You can adjust the light position.
    Mount your lights

Connect your Skublox wall

  1. Use the USB A-B Cable to connect the Hub Device to the Controller PC.
  2. Connect the Hub Device to the first Power Supply.
  3. Use a long ethernet cable to connect the Hub Device to the first Sorter Light Connection In.
  4. Use a short ethernet cable to connect the first Sorter Light Shipper Connection (center) to a Shipper Light ethernet port.
  5. Use a long ethernet cable to connect the Sorter light Connection Out port to the next Sorter Light Connection In port.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until your first 20 Lights are connected.
  7. For the next cluster of lights, use a long ethernet cable to connect the last Sorter Light Connection Out port to the Repeater.
  8. Use a long ethernet cable to connect the Repeater to the next Sorter Light Connection In
  9. Connect the Repeater to the second Power Supply.
  10. Repeat steps 4 through 9 for the next 20 Lights.



skublox wall setup back view

skublox wall setup front view

Skublox wall power-on self-test

After completing your configuration and installing the Skublox Controller App, the Wall will perform a power-on self-test. The sorter boxes will flash in the following color sequence:

  • Red → Green → Blue → Cyan → Magenta → Yellow → Green (Shipper)

When you see the green light, your Skublox wall is now installed and ready to use!

Shut down your Skublox wall configuration

Follow these steps carefully to disassemble your Skublox wall configuration:

  1. Unplug all Power Supplies from their power sources.
  2. Disconnect the USB A-B cable port from the Controller PC.
  3. Disconnect the Hub device from the lights.

Understand common installation issues

As a Skublox user, it’s important to be aware of common issues during the installation. The table below describes some of these issues and their possible solutions.


Sorter Box

Shipper Box

Sorter Light flashes green The Shipper Light is not connected.  Connect the Shipper Light.

Sorter Box

Shipper Box

Sorter light flashes green while Shipper Light is solid green
The Shipper Light is connected to the wrong port. The Shipper Light connection should be connected to the middle port.

Sorter Box

Shipper Box

Sorter Light flashes yellow The Shipper Light’s version is not supported. Contact Customer Support for a replacement.

Sorter Box

Shipper Box

Shipper Light does not go out after shipping Unreliable Wi-Fi network It is recommended to use an Ethernet cable for a stable connection.

Sorter Box

Shipper Box

Skublox Controller App does not detect any Sorter or Shipper Lights after a hardware modification If slot wiring is assumed correct, USB communication might be affected. Try a different USB port.


The final step in setting up your Skublox wall is to print and attach the slot barcodes on the light slots. These barcodes are essential for initiating the sorting process, and without them, the system cannot begin its sorting operations.

Barcodes are generated only once from the Skublox Hub and are placed on each slot. They are generated as A and B codes, e.g., A-6310AD56 and B-6310AD56. The A-code is affixed to the Sorter light, while the B-code is placed on the corresponding Shipper light. Properly attaching these barcodes ensures the smooth functioning of the Skublox system during sorting operations.

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