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Skublox is all about improving your sorting process and simplifying your team’s workflow. To begin, simply log in and the system will assign you your own unique color to use when sorting.

There are three ways to log into the Skublox Sorter app:

  • With your credentials
  • With a QR Code
  • Biometrics

Log In

With Credentials

To log in with your credentials, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Sorter app — the login page will load by default.
  2. Enter your team name and tap Submit.
  3. Enter your Username and Password and tap Sign in.
  4. Your Skublox walls will load. You can now use the app!

With QR Code

You can also log into the Skublox Sorter app with a QR Code. Each sorter has a unique login QR code that can be used to log into Skublox instead of having to manually enter credentials every time. This code is generated only once from the Skublox Hub App. Learn more about that here.

Certain scanner rings do not read QR codes (2D codes), so be sure that your scanner rings support this function!
  1. On the login page, tap Log in with a QR Code.
  2. The system will prompt you to scan the 2D Barcode.
  3. Use your barcode reader sensors to scan the code.
  4. *Only required for iOS devices: Click Allow to grant the app access to your camera (Show me where!) and point your phone toward the QR code to scan it.
To learn more about the sorting process and various workflows, refer to our Order Sorting category.


You can also log into the Skublox Sorter App using Face ID, Touch, or Fingerprint. This feature is available only if your device supports biometric authentication and is enabled.  After your first successful login with credentials, you will be prompted to allow the Skublox Sorter App to store your login information for quick access.

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