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Product Suggestions

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The Product Suggestions feature analyzes existing orders and suggests the most suitable products to fill the remaining slots, ensuring that every slot is used effectively. By utilizing the Product Suggestions, you can:

  • Identify products that still need to be sorted for orders already in progress on a specific wall.
  • Review all remaining products in all orders and walls, regardless of their status.

To ensure efficient sorting operations and prevent delays or interruptions, we highly recommend using the license plate workflow to release slots. This approach helps you maintain a smooth process for future orders.

Product Suggestions

To use product suggestions when sorting:

  1. Open the Sorter app and select a Wall.
  2. Tap the 🗲 icon.
  3. Choose either This wall or All ordersThis wall will only show products in the specified wall, and All orders will open a list of products in all current orders.
    If the product has location notes entered, they will be displayed underneath the SKU.
  4. Tap on a product to see more details.
  5. Proceed with picking and scanning the product. Alternatively, you can Key in the product by tapping the button as shown below.

A PIN code may be required if pre-configured. Read more about PIN codes here.

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