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Sorting Suggestions in the Skublox Hub


The Sorting Suggestions feature provides valuable insights into the items and quantities awaiting sorting on a particular wall. This functionality can enhance the efficiency of your inventory management, as it generates a dynamic list of products that are yet to be sorted for your orders and picklists. It is available for your Virtual and Light walls.

Sorting Suggestions

To view the Sorting Suggestions for a specific wall:

  1. Navigate to the Skublox Hub portal at https://xx.hub.skublox.com (replace “xx” with your team name) or open the Skublox Hub app.
  2. Enter your credentials.
  3. Select Walls and choose the required wall.
  4. Click on the Sorting Suggestions button.
  5. A list of products pending sorting will be automatically displayed on your screen. Each row showcases the following details:
    • SKU – A hyperlink that opens the product in the Skustack Admin portal.
    • IMG – The item’s Skustack-specific image. 
    • Name – The product’s name, as seen in Skustack.
    • Required – The required quantity for that product.
    • Sorted – The already sorted product quantity.
    • Remaining – The product quantity that is yet to be sorted.
    • Available – The product quantity available for sale. It doesn’t include reserved quantities or those marked as Non-Sellable.
    • Physical – The total available inventory of a product. This can also include items that have been ordered, but not shipped yet.
    • Reserved – Reflects inventory of a product that has been reserved for orders and channels.

  6. The list refreshes every minute or when you press the Refresh button.

Filter Suggestions

You can refine the list of Sorting Suggestions by using the available options: 

  • Select a Picklists# to view the corresponding products and quantities.
  • Choose whether the list should display products meant for dropship orders from the Include Dropship orders dropdown.
  • The Sorting Suggestions can be viewed:
    • As a List of all products. This option enables the Show Slots dropdown. Choose Yes to view the sorting slot corresponding to the product.
    • Per order. This option displays the list of products per order in a sorting slot. Click the Slot CRC to reveal the slot’s contents. The Order ID hyperlink leads to the Order Details page in the Skustack Admin.

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