Sorting Heatmap


Skublox’s Sorting Heatmap is an effective visualization tool designed to identify the most frequently used wall slots within a given timeframe. The feature uses a color-coding system – it represents the slots as pie charts with sorted units per user color and modifies the slot’s fill opacity relative to the highest number of completed sorts across the wall. As a result, the high-traffic areas on your wall layout become more vibrant, and employees’ contributions can be easily identified. These data-driven insights are invaluable for improving workforce allocation and enhancing sorting workflows.

Manage Sorting Heatmaps

To view a particular wall’s Sorting Heatmap:

  1. Navigate to the Skublox Hub portal at (replace “xx” with your team name) or open the Skublox Hub app.
  2. Enter your credentials.
  3. Select Walls and choose the desired wall.
  4. Click the Action button and choose Visualize sorting heatmap.
  5. The wall’s Sorting Heatmap will load on your screen. The slots are represented as charts with units sorted by user color. The color intensity is relative to the highest number of sorts per slot, meaning that lighter-colored slots have been used less than those with more saturated hues.
  6. Select a timeframe for sorting activities to display – Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 28 days, Year to date, All time, or select a Custom range of dates.
  7. To close the heatmap, click the Exit button in its top right corner.

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