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Manage Wall Settings in the Skublox Controller


The Settings tab within the Skublox Controller lets you view and manage your sorting walls. For example, you can view your wall cabling in advance, choose the configuration best suited to your needs, and so forth. You can also add, edit, or delete Skublox walls:

  • Add a Skublox Wall
  • Edit a Skublox Wall
  • Delete a Skublox Wall

Manage Wall Settings

To view and configure wall settings in the Skublox Controller:

  1. Open the Controller app and click Settings.
  2. Enter your login credentials.
  3. Click Next to view the details of your walls.

Add a Skublox Wall

To add a new wall:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Select your sorting workflow.
  3. Enter all of the required information:
    1. Name – Insert a wall name.
    2. Warehouse – Choose the warehouse where your wall is located.
    3. Max Active Users – Select the number of active users (up to 6).
    4. Wall Segment Shape – Define the wall columns and rows.
    5. Flow Direction – Choose the slots cabling flow.

  4. Click Save. Your Skublox Wall is now up and running.

Edit a Skublox Wall

To edit an existing wall:

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Update the fields you want to change.
  3. Click Save.
To edit a wall mode from light to virtual and vice versa, navigate to Change Mode and select the desired configuration (Show me where!).

Delete a Skublox Wall

Deleting a Skublox Wall is irreversible! All sorting progress and information will be lost.
  1. Click Delete.
  2. Click Yes to confirm, and your wall will be deleted.

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