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Skublox Hub sorting and fulfillment processes can be configured to match your business needs, by adjusting your Preferences. Certain Preferences are focused on employee access for more secure inventory management. Others facilitate License Plate and Serial Numbers usage, ensuring accurate tracking and identification of assets. An integral part of your Hub management is based on the Sorting and Slot Capacity settings that allow you to optimize your order processing and storage arrangements. This article provides detailed information on how to customize your Hub Preferences for efficient and consistent inventory management.

All Client Admin accounts have access to the Skublox Hub by default. For any other users, permissions must be specifically granted.

Configure Preferences

To configure preferences in the Skublox Hub:

  1. Navigate to the Skublox Hub portal at (replace “xx” with your team name) or open the Skublox Hub app.
  2. Enter your login credentials.
  3. Click Preferences.
  4. Click the toggle to enable/disable a setting, or click on Configure and adjust the settings features.
    A PIN may be required. Learn how to configure your PIN code here.

Using Skustack Enterprise

This preference indicates the integration of Skublox with your Skustack Enterprise account.

Security PIN is not required

Here you can see if access to Preferences is restricted via a PIN code within Skustack’s Client Settings.

License Plates

License plating is a barcode management system that allows you to sort and govern your products via unique barcodes. Click Configure to manage and adjust related settings. Learn more about License Plates here.

Grant Access

Users with a Client Admin role can grant access to Skublox to other employees via the access Preferences:

  1. Open your Hub Preferences and click on Configure button next to Give access to additional employees.
  2. In the Enter employee email field insert the email address of the required personnel and click Enter.
  3. Click on Authorized to display a list of all employees authorized to access Skublox Hub.
  4. If an employee’s access has to be revoked, click on the three dots menu next to their email and select Remove permission.


The following Sorting preferences are available for customization:

  • Allow sorting of multiple units at once, in a given slot – During the sorting process an order may contain multiple units of the same product. Enabling this setting allows you to sort multiple units of the same product in a given slot with a single scan. This ability is limited to specific users via the Restrict to particular employees preference.
  • Restrict to particular employees – Available if Allow sorting of multiple units at once, in a given slot preference is activated. Trusted employees can be granted access to sort a number of these units at once in the given slot, by clicking on the Configure button and entering the employee’s email address in the appointed field. To revoke access, click on the three dots menu next to their email and select Remove permission.
  • Allow sorting products without picklist – Click the toggle to configure the picklist requirement when sorting products. Learn more about your Picklist Options here.
  • Allow sorting of partially picked orders – Disabled by default. Enable this setting to permit the sorting of partially picked orders in partially picked picklists.


The Skublox Hub allows you to manage and assign Slot Capacities. You can enable the following Capacities preferences:

  • Consider product dimensions when assigning slots – Enable this setting to manage slot capacities.
  • Prefer item dimensions instead of shipping – Click the toggle to set the preferred dimensions to consider – either product or shipping.


The following Controls preferences can be activated:

  • When sorters connect to a wall, prefer employee-specific colors/When sorters connect to a wall, use any available color – Here you can set the preferred color-assigning method when connecting a sorter to a given wall.
  • Allow ad-hoc control of sorting lights – Enable this preference to permit ad-hoc control of your sorting lights, when necessary.


Here are the Serial Number settings that can be managed through your Hub Preferences:

  • Require serial number when sorting – Enable this setting to force serial number scans when sorting units. Disable the preference to permit product sorting without serial scans.
  • Using relaxed serial numbers in Sellercloud/Using strict serial numbers in Sellercloud – There are two modes for working with serial numbers: Strict and Relaxed. A serial number validation between PO and order serials will be used when Strict mode is enabled. On the other hand, Relaxed mode allows serial input for orders during sorting operations without requiring previous records of these serials. To manage your products via strict serial numbers, click on Configure and activate Skustack Client Setting Enable Serial Number Validation (Show me where!).


The following Slots Preferences are available for configuration:

  • Reserve slots for — seconds after shipping – In certain cases, the staff handling shipments on the shipper side might require additional time for order processing. This preference gives you the flexibility to reserve a slot for an extended duration, beyond the default 10 seconds. The acceptable values are between 5 to 120 seconds.
  • Blink shipper lights while slots are reserved – The preference activates or deactivates the blinking of shipper lights during the reserved period.
  • Blink sorter light when a slot is ready to ship – Activate to automate slot’s sorter light blinking when an order is ready to ship.
  • Pulsate 5 oldest slots ready to ship (after — minutes) – With this preference, you can set a period after which the slots of the 5 oldest ready to ship orders will pulsate.
  • Show timer for sorted items (after — hours) – enable this preference to see pills on the Wall Details page, which display the time elapsed after sorting. If you set the timer to 2 hours, all slots that have been sorted within less than that will not have a time pill. You can also select 0 hours.


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