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Use the Insights feature in the Skublox Hub


Skublox’s Insights feature provides valuable insights into your warehouse sorting operations. Through data aggregation charts and detailed activity monitoring, you can seamlessly track key metrics, identify bottlenecks, and enhance workflow efficiency. All sorting activities are dynamically loaded and updated in real-time.


Gain a comprehensive summary of your sorting operations by visualizing the overlap of various employee activities over a specific period. Track detailed stats for specific date ranges to obtain valuable insights into your workforce and improve productivity. You can use the Insights feature in the Skublox Hub to view different statistics based on the:

  • Orders Sorted
  • Units Sorted
  • Employees

Orders Sorted

To see a summary of all sorted orders for a specified date range:

  1. Navigate to the Skublox Hub portal at https://xx.hub.skublox.com (replace “xx” with your team name) or open the Skublox Hub app.
  2. Enter your login credentials.
  3. Select Insights.
  4. All Skublox activities are dynamically loaded and updated in real-time. Choose your desired date range.
    By default, Insights shows relevant statistics for the current date, however, custom date ranges are also available.
  5. (Optional) Filter by your desired wall or view all walls.
  6. The sorting volume for the selected date range is visually highlighted in a unique blue color on the graph, while the projected volume based on the same duration from the previous period is represented by a distinct gray shade.
  7. (Optional) Click the Download icon to export the data in Excel, or the Snapshot icon to take a screenshot.
  8. The proportional distribution based on the units, volume, and selected preferences (step 4) is displayed in the Units per order chart.

Units Sorted

In contrast to the Orders sorted graph, the Units sorted tab provides you with a detailed breakdown per unit, instead of per order. It also displays the average and peak units per hour.


This tab has two distinct graph modes – individual and stacked. To enhance visualization, each employee is represented with a unique color in this mode. Hover over the graph for a detailed breakdown of the units sorted per employee at a specific time.

Click on an employee’s name to include or exclude them from the graph.

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