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Skublox Hub is a powerful tool designed to enhance your order sorting workflow by providing real-time tracking capabilities from any location. The app allows for a complete bird’s eye view of your sorting operations and lets you use real-time data to gain a comprehensive overview of your team’s performance. Skublox Hub makes it easier to oversee your sorting operations, make strategic decisions, and drive your business forward. With Skublox Hub, you can:

  • Monitor order sorting processes
  • Track employee activity in real-time
  • Get performance insights at all times
  • Gain traceability over your whole sorting process

All Client Admin accounts have access to the Skublox Hub by default. For any other users, permissions must be specifically granted.

Download Skublox Hub App

You can download the Skublox Hub app on any OS. Simply navigate to, or click the links below to initiate a direct download of the Skublox Hub app.

Alternatively, you can access the Skublox Hub web interface at (replace “xx” with your team name).

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