Configure the Skublox Controller

After you have successfully installed the Skublox Controller App, you can proceed to configure it using the following settings:

Option Description
Show slot barcodes When enabled, shows the slot barcodes.
Show cabling guides When enabled, shows the cabling between the slots.
Brightness Controls the brightness of the LEDs.
Find Order Allows you to find any order that’s currently being sorted or is ready for shipping by entering its number. This lets you quickly identify items needed to complete an order and speeds up your sorting process.
Find Slot Allows you to find a slot by entering its barcode. It shows information about the products in the slot. You can also see the required, sorted, and remaining quantity of the products.
Alternatively, you can click on a slot and select Flash slot.
Find Product Allows you to find a product by entering product identifiers, such as SKU/UPC/Alias.

It allows you to monitor the quantity of a product that’s being sorted and easily find the location of that product. You can see the required, sorted, and remaining quantity of the product in a slot.

Scan as Shipper Useful as a test mechanism that simulates the lifecycle of orders without using Sellercloud’s Shipbridge application. Requires Shipper barcode.
Export PDF Barcodes Redirects you to the Skublox Hub where you can generate and print slot barcodes.
Open Log Folder The files in the Log Folder provide information about all activities in the sorting process. This lets you closely monitor all slot and sorter sessions.

There are two types of logs:

  • Raw files provide detailed information about the sorting sessions.
  • Simple files show the log information in a readable format.

Note: If you uninstall the Skublox Controller App, the log files in the Log Folder will be deleted.

Settings Allows you to sign in with Sellercloud and configure your Skublox wall(s).

  1. To log in, enter your TeamEmail, and Password > Next.
  2. You can quickly EditDelete, or Add a wall after the initial login. Or, click Cancel and add your wall later.

Read more about this in the article Settings in the Skublox Controller App.

Preferences Allows you to adjust your Skublox sorting and fulfillment processes by enabling or disabling certain Skublox preferences. Some of the preferences are view-only. To change these preferences, log in to your Sellercloud account.

Read more about the preferences in the Preferences in the Skublox Controller App article.

Refresh all slots Updates all slot boxes by providing you with the latest available system data.
Empty all slots Empties all of your slots. This action is irreversible! All of your progress will be deleted.
Alternatively, you can empty only one slot by clicking on it and selecting Empty Slot.
Test Lights Allows you to check if all boxes are connected properly. You can choose between the Stress test and the Flashing test.
Alternatively, you can test a single slot by clicking on it and selecting Flash Slot.
Check for Update Allows you to check for updates. If there is an update, a pop-up window with Download Now button will open up. Click the button and choose a folder to download the ZIP file. After the download completes, a folder with the extracted files will automatically open. Run the Skublox.Hub.Installer-Update-CurrentUser file and click Run to start the update.
Restart Restart the Controller App whenever you connect new slots to an existing wall. The restart lets the system identify the new slots and display them on your application.
Shutdown Shuts down the Skublox wall.
Active Sessions Details (at the top-right corner) Allows users with the Administrator role to see the sorters connected to the wall at the moment. Similarly, they can disconnect any sorter from the sorting wall anytime during an active session.

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