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Use the Activity feature in the Skublox Hub


Gain an in-depth understanding of all your wall actions with the help of Skublox’s Activity feature. Here, all of your Skublox sorting activities and wall operations are tracked chronologically, so you can monitor the overall order management process and identify potential workflow gaps. Utilize the available filters to efficiently track wall activities per employee, event type, slot, order, or barcode.

Wall Activities

To view the list of your wall activities:

  1. Navigate to the Skublox Hub portal at https://xx.hub.skublox.com (replace “xx” with your team name) or open the Skublox Hub app.
  2. Enter your login credentials.
  3. Select Activity and the list of wall operations will load.

All Activities are dynamically loaded and updated in real-time.

Filter Activities

You can search for different Activity records by using the available filters:

  • Walls – Click on this dropdown to select a specific Skublox wall.
  • Employee – Select an employee from the dropdown to see a list of their individual activities.
  • Order # – Enter an order ID to display all related activity records.
  • Slot – View all operations for a specific slot based on its unique slot ID.
  • Barcode – This option allows you to search via a barcode.
  • Events – Use this dropdown to display activities by their event status:
    • All – By default, all wall activities are listed.
    • Error – Display unsuccessful wall activities by using this status.
    • Successful – Filters successful wall activities.
    • License plates – Lists all fully sorted orders with issued license plates.

The filtered activities will load in a dynamic grid. The list is chronological and starts with the most recent wall operation.

Each entry includes a brief activity overview, the name of the user who initiated it, and information about the related SKU/order/slot/wall. You can also find the following useful links:

  • Order # – This hyperlink takes you to the Order Details page in the Skustack Admin portal.
  • Wall Name – Opens the respective Wall details page in the Hub portal.
  • Click on a Slot ID to see a timeline for the specific entry in the Slot Details Feed

Slot Details Feed

Click on a slot ID to see a Details Feed for that specific slot.

Here you can find a timeline of all related sorting operations and the employees who performed them. Hover over the timestamp to display the exact information regarding the date and time of the event.

Activity Icons

Each Activity is easily distinguishable by a dedicated icon, shown and described in the table below.

Icon Description
User login.
User logout.
Wall creation.
Slots synced with the specified wall.
Wall deletion.
Wall Edit activity.
Slot assignment for a particular order.
SKU scanned and is to be sorted.
Error icon that indicates that a SKU is scanned and should be sorted, but there are no available slots.
Units sorted in the specified slot.
Order ready for shipping.
Order loaded for shipping.
Order shipped.
Slot emptied.
Slot emptied and license plate printed for the specified order.
Unit sorted in a slot, but action cancelled.
Error event icon that indicates that an order cannot be loaded for shipping from a specific slot.


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