• Swap Slots

    There may be times when an assigned slot is inconvenient, or the slot size for the product you want to sort is too small. In such cases, you can use the Swap Slots feature to find a more suitable slot.

  • Product Suggestions

    The Product Suggestions feature analyzes existing orders and suggests the most suitable products to fill the remaining slots, ensuring that every slot is used effectively. To ensure efficient sorting operations and prevent delays or interruptions, we highly recommend using the license plate workflow to release slots. This approach helps you maintain a smooth process for future orders.

  • Slot actions in the Skublox Controller

    Slot actions ensure that your Skublox Controller App is always up to date during the sorting process. The slot actions Refresh, Empty, and Flash are helpful when matching products in the physical slots with what’s recorded in the app. Users with the Administrator role can perform these actions for a single or all wall slots.

  • Download Skublox Controller App

    The Skublox Controller app helps you monitor and control various aspects of your sorting walls, such as configuring sorting criteria, tracking sorting operations, managing workflows, and analyzing data. It is specifically designed to provide you with an overview of your entire sorting process and is typically installed on a dedicated Skublox Controller PC, which acts as the primary interface for interacting with the sorting walls.

  • Install the Skublox wall

    In this article, you will find all the necessary steps you need to take to properly install your Skublox wall from start to finish. You will learn how to configure the Skublox wall, connect the lights, and properly disconnect the wall when needed. Keep in mind that the installation process is always the same regardless of the wall size.

  • Skublox terms and definitions

    In our Help section, you’ll encounter many unique terms that are specific to Skublox. Elevate your expertise by mastering the various terms and their respective definitions.

  • Manage sorter sessions in the Skublox Controller

    Users with an Admin role have the capability to manage sorter sessions directly from the Skublox Controller app. The Admin can easily view which sorters are actively engaged in sorting orders and disconnect them from the sorting wall anytime during an active session.

  • Find Slots in the Skublox Controller

    The Find Slot feature is a useful tool for accessing information about the products in a particular slot. It allows you to easily view the required quantity, sorted quantity, and remaining quantity of each product.

  • Find products in the Skublox Controller

    The Find Product feature enables you to monitor the quantity of a product that’s being sorted and easily find the slot/s where the product is located. You can see the required, sorted, and remaining quantity of a specified item.

  • Find orders in the Skublox Controller

    The Find Order feature enables you to look at the status of any order that’s currently being sorted or is ready for shipping. This lets you quickly identify items needed to complete an order and speeds up your sorting process.