Virtual Skublox

Choose Virtual Skublox when hardware and lights are not an option, or you need a mobile sorting station. Print slot barcodes, place them where the items will be sorted, and navigate by slot ID with a mobile scanning device. Yes, it’s as easy as that!

When hardware isn’t an option

A Virtual Skublox wall is perfect for situations where traditional setups are impractical. Choose Virtual Skublox when cabling is not ideal, you need a temporary sorting wall, or you want a mobile sorting station.

How does Virtual Skublox work?

Simply print slot barcodes, place them where you plan to sort your items and navigate by slot ID instead of using the guiding lights. All you need is a mobile scanning device. Manage and configure your Virtual Skublox wall through the Hub app.

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Why choose Virtual Skublox?

Use Virtual Skublox as a picking cart

Sort orders on the go and reduce picking and sorting time. You can have multiple mobile walls in use simultaneously. With Virtual Skublox, you don’t need to charge overnight.

Power-free operation

You can set up your sorting stations in areas without electricity, providing more flexibility in arranging your warehouse layout.

Flexible sorting solution

Virtual Skublox walls are perfect if you often need to rearrange and move sorting stations. You don’t need to dismantle the sorting walls each time. You can easily set up temporary mobile sorting stations and move and rearrange slots or entire walls as needed. Virtual Skublox offers the versatility you need.

Complete control over your operations

Manage everything through the Skublox Hub app. Print virtual slot barcodes and adjust the number of slots as needed to meet your demands. Use the Hub app to search for orders, slots, picklists, products, and serial numbers, ensuring you never miss a detail.

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