Sorting doesn’t have to be messy

Sorter side

  • Step 1
    Goods are picked in batches and transported to a bin.
  • Step 2
    The Skublox system will assign unique colors to each user. As they scan product barcodes, the slot lights up.
  • Step 3
    Sorters pick items from the bin and place them in their designated slot by color.
  • Step 4
    Each sorter places the product into the slot and scans the slot barcode.

Shipper side

  • Step 1
    When all the items from the order are assembled into the slot, the light on the other side of the wall turns green.
  • Step 2
    The shippers working on the reverse side of the wall scan the slots to print shipping labels.
  • Step 3
    The order is now ready to be packed for shipping.

Step 1

Scan product barcode

Step 2

A slot on the wall will flash in your designated color.

Step 3

Place the product on the wall, and scan the slot barcode to confirm.

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Intelligent task assignment

Work together to sort faster.

No direction needed — the system automatically assigns sorters to the right slot. Up to 6 people can use the wall at the same time. To optimize fulfillment, different people can be sorting items in the same order simultaneously.

Make it a perfect fit

Depending on the size of your orders, larger orders can be automatically designated to a larger slot.

Prioritize order completion

With our smart suggestions, you can finalize ‘In progress’ orders first so you can free up slots for your next order.

Choose the closest slot

Skublox prioritizes slots that are near each other so that the person doesn't have to walk the length of the wall unnecessarily.

Get on the (pick)list

Filter the Skublox wall to only lookup orders from a specific picklist. Use it for orders that are most prone to mistakes, like multi-item orders.

Swap your slot manually

You can swap swats and reconfigure the order to a slot of your choice as needed.

We speak your language

Say goodbye to inefficient workflows and sorting mistakes

The Skublox mobile app supports both English and Spanish languages, making it easier for employees to work in their language of choice.

Virtual Skublox
for light-free sorting

If you prefer to avoid using lights, Virtual Skublox is the ideal solution. Transform any warehouse space into a sorting wall without the need for lights or additional hardware.

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