Build your custom Skublox wall

Easy DIY installation

Configure the Skublox wall yourself without the need for experienced technical personnel on-site.

Customizable wall configurations

Choose the right number of slots based on your business’ order needs. Add more slots as your business grows.

Virtual Skublox
for hardware-free sorting

If you prefer to avoid hardware and cables, you can still use Skublox sorting. With Virtual Skublox, you can transform any warehouse space into a sorting wall.

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Fast, reliable connection

The Skublox lights are connected with one another through Ethernet cables, so you don’t need to worry about any kind of unreliable Wi-Fi network issues. Just follow our Installation Quickstart Guide and you’ll be all set up in a matter of minutes.

Add multiple wall setups

Our wall configurations can meet your operational needs regardless of your warehouse size or layout. You can have multiple wall setups in the same warehouse (ex. one for domestic orders and one for international orders) or spread across different warehouses.

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Make your team’s job fun

Skublox gives you an easier, more efficient way to sort orders.

Boost efficiency and eliminate errors

Use the Skublox Sorter app to speed up workflow and make your team’s job easier.

Gain traceability with powerful visualization

With the Skublox Hub app your Management team can oversee the fulfillment process in real-time.

Create your own tailor-made Skublox wall and start sorting!

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