Receive to light

Move items directly from receiving to shipping. Minimize storage time and costs while enhancing the efficiency of product sorting.

Speed up fulfillment time

Receive items from vendors and directly sort them for dispatch using Skublox's lightwall for pending order shipping.

Save warehouse space

Reduce storage expenses with the Receive to Light technology. Quickly move items from receiving to dispatch, simplify logistics, and lower costs.


Enable immediate sorting. The Receive to Light feature speeds up the path from vendor to customer and ensures a smooth cross-docking operation.

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How Receive to Light works

  • 1

    As items arrive from vendors, they are scanned and entered into the Skublox system.

  • 2
    Lightwall sorting

    The Skublox lightwall immediately displays the appropriate sorting locations for each item, guiding your team to sort products for pending orders quickly.

  • 3
    Order fulfillment

    Once sorted, items are ready for packing and shipping, completing the process from receiving to fulfillment.

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