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Sort your orders as they are picked and see how fast your orders are fulfilled.

Pick and Sort at the same time!

Boost your efficiency and get your orders out the door faster.
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    Scan the item you want to pick

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    Scan the bin you're moving it from

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    Watch the slot on the wall light up

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    Scan the sorter barcode in Skustack to mark the product as sorted

Scan and follow the light!

Shipping has never been so easy! Reduce mistakes and speed up picking when you scan and sort items on the go with Skublox pick-to-light.

Eliminate costly errors while saving time

Eliminate your error rate, completely. Imagine the time savings as you pick and sort items at one time.

Sort multi-item orders with precision and ease

If an order has multiple items, the light will ensure the entire order is placed in a single slot, removing the need to sort any orders after picking.

Hear why our customers love Pick-to-light

”Pick-to-light allows us to pick our inventory as we're walking around the warehouse, which has been a huge game changer for us.``

Don McClintock
President, Trekline Motor Sports

Ship faster with zero mistakes

Let your mobile cart sort for you and eliminate the extra steps in your workflow.
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