Track your order sorting workflow in real-time from anywhere

Monitor order sorting processes and track employee activity in real-time with the Skublox Hub.

Warehouse insights, at your fingertips

Get a bird’s eye view of your sorting operation and stay on top of your game at all times.

Real-time stats

Get detailed sorting diagnostics and generate reports on your team’s activity.

Performance insights

Track the number of orders and units sorted by each individual on your fulfillment team in real-time.

Traceability when you need it

Oversee each order and monitor everyone who takes part in the sorting process for better traceability in case of an error.

Make sense of your data

Use our real-time stats to get a comprehensive picture of the performance of your products and make strategic decisions that can drive your business forward.

Track your team’s productivity

Track the average and peak sort rates of employees. Monitor how many units are sorted by each employee individually or stack them together to get a full picture of their performance.

Gain full transparency

Skublox’s activity log allows for full transparency of the sorting process so you can easily go back to the log and see who did what if the need arises.

Anytime, anywhere

The Skublox hub app gives you the ability to manage your order sorting operations from anywhere. Check up on how everything is going in the warehouse whether you are at home, on the train, at the beach, or anywhere in between.

Make your team’s job fun

Skublox gives you an easier, more efficient way to sort orders.

Boost efficiency and eliminate errors

Use the Skublox Sorter app to speed up workflow and make your team’s job easier.

Build your custom wall

Create your own tailor-made Skublox wall and start sorting within minutes.

Put an end to sorting mistakes
once and for all

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